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Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Stomachache? This Little Trick Will Naturally Cure Your Stomach Problem

Everyone once in a while suffers some heartburn from acid re-flux. This could also cause sore throat when the acid re-fluxes back to the throat. The symptom eventually goes away by itself and we all think that we are fine. But the truth hurts this time. We are not fine. There is something wrong in our stomach that is causing the symptoms if and you don’t do anything today, you could suffer more tomorrow. The symptoms could become chronic and last forever.

I’ve suffered heartburn since I was a child. Everytime I ate some kind of fatty food, I immediately felt there was an heart attack. The burn lasted for an hour or so before it went away by itself. The symptom repeated for the same fatty food, like cow, pork or deep fried fries. Back then I did not know what it was. I had never have it checked by a specialist. I had lived with that until several years later, I suddenly had a lingering sore throat. After seeing many doctors, I was diagnosed with acid re-flux which re-fluxes back to my throat every time my stomach digests food.  Now I start to realize the heartburn I’ve suffered for around 25 years is result of this acid-reflux.

You should see a GERD doctor sooner or later

First I took the low dose antacid over the counter which works really well for my friends, but not for me. Antacid is supposed to neutralize the stomach acid so it won’t reflux anymore. I went ahead and saw a GERD doctor who performed an endoscopy on my stomach. Everytime you see a GERD doctor, they will want to do this on you no matter what. He  had done several test and found out I was infected with H. Pylori bacteria. I probably got this bacterial long ago.  And now they were multiplied in my stomach, causing the symptoms to be severe. The GERD doctor prescribed me a great antibiotic medication which works really well and has no side effect at all. My stomach got some inflammable tissue which was caused by the bacterial but so far no cancer, nothing else. After this I immediately sent my wife, my kid, my parents, and everyone else in the whole family for H. Polyri test. My wife and my Dad were infected too an we were all treated. My advice is please see a doctor if you have frequent heartburn. It may indicate you are having some other issues.

Antacid may not work for you. What else can I do?

Even though I got rid of H. Pylori bacteria, I still suffered from heartburn and sore throat. The symptoms were causing me lots of stress and depressions. The GERD doctor prescribed me too many other antacids and none of that worked. The dose was double and triple and none of that worked. What was wrong with my body? I tried all brands and all antacid medication that are available in the market. None of that worked.

One day I talked to my brother in law and he advised me to take turmeric extract. My brother in law is an alcoholic and he drinks lots of beer and alcohol everyday which made him have stomach ache all the time. The turmeric eastern medication is no new to anyone. Everybody knows that this natural turmeric will help your stomach by protecting your stomach from getting more inflammatory and give it time to heal by itself. My brother in law took turmeric and it worked for him, amazingly. Not only it works, it cures completely his stomach ache. He does not have stomach ache anymore. Bingo. I believe I have found this forgotten miracle. For too long I have depended on the western medicine and when nothing works for me, my savior comes from the natural plant that has been used in Eastern world for thousands of years.Some companies now extract Turmeric into pills that you can take daily without a mess, like the bottle from Yerba below.

Turmeric extract works. But what is the secret weapon?

Besides the turmeric super effect on healing our stomach in a natural way, our mother nature also gives us something else, really sweet but super powerful to heal our stomach. It is called MANUKA honey. Manuka honey deprives from bees pollinating scrub plants in New Zealand or in some areas in Australia.This type of honey has a higher concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO). The higher MGO level it is, the more pricey it is.

Benefits of Manuka honey includes

  • helping heal cuts and scrapes
  • clearing infections
  • easing stomach aches
  • improving digestion
  • boosting the immune system
  • providing energy

We all know the benefits of raw honey but the Manuka honey is a specialized honey. The MGO level is what you should look for when buying Manuka honey. In Costco I typically see Manuka honey on sale with MGO level 5 to 10. You can find it on Ebay or Amazon Manuka honey with MGO level 15 or more.


This Manuka honey has an active MGO 400+, imported directly from New Zealand. Best product in the market today at lowest price.

Drinking Turmeric mixed with Manuka honey everyday helps me cure my GERD disease.

Manuka Honey MGO 400+ imported from New Zealand
Turmeric powder from Organic India. 15 pouches per package

This is what I do every morning and I hope it will work for you. Everyday I mix 1 cafe spoon of turmeric with 1 cafe spoon of manuka honey, in a glass of warm water. The taste is so good that I am addicted to drinking 1 glass per day, everyday. After about 1 month, I don’t feel sore throat and heartburn anymore. The effect is obvious. You feel like you never have those symptoms anymore. Yay I have found the secret weapon. Now I get my life back no more worry about GERD disease. This has been a long journey for me since the very first lingering sore throat until now. It took me 2 years to realize the natural plants and manuka honey are what I need for this GERD disease. I hope it will only take you 10 minutes to realize how powerful those can work for you body. And we will all live a better life!

Other Turmeric and pre-mixed turmeric with honey products

Pre-mixed Turmeric with honey (not manuka honey)
Turmeric Power by Simply Organic
Morton Organic Turmeric power
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The secret of Jeunesse Reserve – A Healthy and Better Life by drinking this super fruit

Jeunesse Reserve benefits are more than what you can imagine

Have you heard of Jeunesse Reserve, the super fruit blend that boosts your health tremendously after short period? Are you researching on the product to make a buying decision? Let’s me share with you the reason why you should take Reserve everyday.

Reserve is the best selling product of Jeunesse Global. Reserve is 100% fruit extractions from several super fruits like Acai, Pomegranate, Dark Cherry, Grape, Green Tea, Grapeseed and Aloe Vera. When we eat some fruits, we have to eat everything to make sure we don’t skip any nutrition from the fruit. As a result we will feel full fast and this leaves a little chance to eat all of the fruits we want. Jeunesse Global extracts the nutrition from those fruits, pack them into a small sachet that everyone can drink anytime, anywhere but you still get full nutrition from all of the super fruits above.

So instead of eating all kinds of fruits everyday, which anyone could think it impossible, we can just drink Reserve as a supplement. We get the same result in comparison to eating all fruits all together. It is quicker, faster and way too easier. This is a better way to get nutrition from super fruit, at a lower cost.


Science Facts Speak For Itself

Now let’s look at the science side of Reserve. First Reserve has Resveratrol, an important supplement that can be found in blue berries, peanut, grape skin and Japanese knotweed. It is a powerful antioxidant produced by some plants to protect it from environmental stresses. Antioxidant neutralizes free radicals which are the sources of aging. Resveratrol has been believed to be the reason why French people have lower heart disease, due to the consumption an amount of red wine which has a significant amount of Resveratrol fro the grape skins.

The super fruits that are extracted fro Reserve contains lots of Antioxidant itself. Antioxidant, or anti-aging supplement is the secret of fighting aging and dangerous diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease. Let’s look at each fruit itself to clarify more how and why Jeunesse Reserve is what you really need.

  • Pomegranate: It contains fiber, protein, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and potassium. Pomegranates contain two plant compounds with powerful medicinal properties: Punicalagins and Punicic Acid. It also has impressive anti-inflammatory effects
  • Dark Cherries raise your energy level and help you sleep better. It is also great for skin and eyesight. It is a cancer prevention and a digestion helper. It also have anti-inflammatory effects and good for your heart.
  • The health benefits of grape juice include increased cardiovascular system health, tumor prevention, cancer prevention, help with constipation, and perhaps better immunity to disease. In some cases, those who do not want to drink red wine may find that non-alcoholic grape juice offers many of the same benefits. In addition, grape juice does not lead to the chemical dependencies that are often associated with alcoholic beverages.
  • Green tea: The epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) in green tea is a powerful antioxidant responsible for body-wide health benefits such as blood pressure and weight maintenance, lowered risk of certain cancers, energy boost and antimicrobial properties
  • Aloe Vera: The most impressive benefits of aloe vera juice include reducing inflammation, speeding healing, stimulating digestion, detoxifying the body, boosting immunity, protecting the heart, increasing hydration, treating sunburn, soothing the skin, hair care, and relieving heartburn, among others.

We all know the benefits of Jeunesse Reserve! Why not buying it today?

With that tremendous benefits for our health, Jeunesse Reserve is priced at $85.95/box plus tax and shipping. There are 30 packs in 1 single box. Pricing is what stopping many people from buying Jeunesse Reserve. Here at, we are the larget network of Jeunesse Global distributor and our pricing for you is way lower than the retail price. Let’s us help you save money today.